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Toothpicks and Chewing Gum

We’re always vocal about the cost of downtime. Having been in this business since 1992 we’ve seen a good deal and we know that when it comes to risk mitigation and disaster recovery toothpicks and chewing gum solutions don’t cut it.

Stormy Weather

There have been some significant storms passing through the Midwest this summer and the Chicagoland area has already suffered a few power outages.

It’s times like this that you see the real merit of all those meetings and planning sessions. Discussions in the board room are one thing, but quite often reality has a way of surprising even the most forward thinking among us.

24 Hour Mark

After the last storm a number of businesses in the area were left without power for close to 24 hours. We had a chance to talk with the business owners who were affected and it became clear that having a well developed risk management plan really does make a difference.

It’s probably a no brainer at this point, but it suffices to say those who had solid plans kept going at pace, those who didn’t…well, there’s probably some pretty heavy operations and planning meetings going on this week.

How did your risk management and disaster recovery plans hold up when push came to shove? Did they pass the 24 hour mark?

Posted on July 10th, 2009 by David Metcalfe
Posted in Critical Computing, Disaster Recovery, Suburban Business
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